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CARL JENSEN — Jensens Group Owner / Executive Chef

Carl Jensen knew he wanted to be a restaurateur at a young age, by the time he was 26 he had opened his first venture ‘Jensen’s Restaurant’ at Sylvania.

The launch of his first restaurant Jensen’s brought a new approach to food in the shire and also to shire dining. Carl implemented new cooking techniques at Jensen’s which were relevant to the 80’s–90’s circa of dining. Dry ice was a huge hit at Jensen’s Restaurant which these days has been replaced with modern techniques such as liquid nitrogen. Poached fish and meats were also on the Jensen’s menu, which again in modern times has been replaced with the sous-vide cooking process. Carl’s desserts were also a show stopper at Jensen’s and always consisted of elements of fun using mountains of spun toffee for presentation, these days commonly replaced with ingredients and processes such as fairy floss, foams and specification.

It was these quirky techniques that were unique to that era of cooking that identified Carl Jensen and Jensen’s Restaurant.

Jensen’s Restaurant was the start of something special that has created for him a loyal following for thirty years since.

After Jensen’s, Carl knew that the next big dining area was in Cronulla and opened the first of his four Cronulla restaurants; Bella Costa followed by the Naked Grape and most recently a stint at The Greenery Cronulla Golf. Yet, it wasn’t until 2005 that his dream of opening the ‘ultimate beachside restaurant’ was realised when Summer Salt was opened in the Elouera Surf Club.

Carl’s iconic restaurant Summer Salt served his loyal customer for 19 years.

In 2017, Carl returned to his roots where his career began and opened Jensens Restaurant. Carl has developed a menu consisting of the retro classics from his past mixed with modern cooking techniques. Jensen’s menu represents his experienced cooking career and incorporates elements of all previous restaurants he has owned. The Jensens suits, from quality steaks, fresh seafood, casual pizza’s and a antipasti menu suitable to share.